Carol Fogarty has been doing Training & Development work for over 25 years in a variety of settings including the non-profit, private and government sector. Carol helps organizations develop and implement practical next steps that support their mission, vision, goals and outcomes. Understanding, appreciating our similarities and adapting to and welcoming our differences is critical to every organization's success.  Carol is passionate about that and in working with organizations to create an inclusive work environment; an environment that embraces our changing demographics and focuses on service excellence.

Carol Fogarty Consulting offers five primary workshops for your organization:

1)    Increasing Cultural Awareness

Participants will explore the meaning and role of culture in our society and will have the opportunity to engage in productive conversations on culture. There will also be discussion on how stereotyping and labeling play out in our everyday lives. This is an informative, engaging workshop that will add some tools to your toolbox about how to support a more diverse and multicultural work environment.

2)    Developing Cultural Competence 

Cultural Competence is the ability of individual and teams to interact effectively across differences. Cultural differences may include our race, ethnicity, language or gender as well as our  values, attitudes, beliefs  and perceptions.  The majority of individuals and teams overestimate their ability to successfully navigate these differences. Using the Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity (DMIS) model this workshop will measure your individuals and groups worldview orientation to differences and discuss concrete ways to become more cultural competent.  Each individual or group will leave this experience with a plan of action and tools for ongoing success.

3)    Facing Intercultural Conflicts

Addressing intercultural conflict at work can be challenging and rewarding.  This workshop will help participants identify specific cultural differences in conflict style that matter in the workplace and learn ways to respond effectively when they interact with others from differing styles.  Participants will take a self assessment instrument develop by Mitchell Hammer to learn more about their own intercultural conflict resolution style as well as the styles of those they work with every day.  The session will provide tools/techniques to apply to real workplace situations.

4)    Uncovering Unconscious Bias

Many organizations today are exploring ways to create a more diverse & inclusive workforce.  This workshop explores what the terms diversity & inclusion really mean and what results you can expect when applying these concepts to your work.  The Diversity & Inclusion framework shared will include a deeper understanding of unconscious bias and how it shows up in our personal & professional lives.  Participants will determine ways to prevent bias from getting in the way of their interactions with others.  Other related concepts explored will be intersectionality, equity & equality and power & privilege.  Come prepared to make an impact in your day-to-day lives.

5) Effective Communication Strategies

Communicating effectively builds trust. Trust is key to building a healthy, productive working environment. This workshop provides a practical tool that identifies four communication styles and the concrete ways you can build rapport and trust with each. Participants will create their own action-plan to develop flexibility and skill in communicating positively with others.


Carol Fogarty Consulting can custom design a workshop to meet your specific needs as well as provide other general Training & Development services such as individual coaching and facilitating meetings.  

For more information about any of the above services, please contact Carol Fogarty at: 651-230-0463 or Carol's Credentials:


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